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Foxtails Brigade, Whiskerman, Radio Skies + Papa Bear & The Easy Love

October 26, 2018

$12 – $15

Starline Presents:

Foxtails Brigade, Whiskerman, Radio Skies + Papa Bear & The Easy Love

Doors 8PM/ Show at 9PM

$12-15 Advance / $18 Day Of Show



The Hollywood Hills-born daughter of a horror filmmaker and sister of a cult comedian, Foxtails front-girl Laura Weinbach grew up in a household that embraced eccentricity. Her next-door neighbors were circus contortionists with emus and fang-toothed monkeys as pets and her childhood activities included snail hunting and spying on celebrity neighbors like Slash, Ice-T, and Larry from Perfect Strangers. Laura’s upbringing is present everywhere in Foxtails Brigade, from the lyrical imagery to the hand-drawn artwork and sophomoric Instagram cartoons.

The band’s live show is a clockwork of junkyard beats, warped orchestral sonics, and Laura’s trademark voice and classical guitar intricacies with an A-List ensemble featuring performing members of Bright Eyes, Van Dyke Parks, and John Kale.  The songs tackle subjects of substitute teaching in the Oakland and LA public school scenes, steak appreciation, and general unfairness awareness with a warped pop sensibility akin to influences like St. Vincent, Joanna Newsom, The Smiths, and Spoon.

Following their 2011 debut album The Bread and the Bait (Antenna Farm Records), the band released their second LP. Time Is Passed (DIY) during Christmas of 2012.  Since then,  Foxtails Brigade have just release their new self-titled album in April 2016 on OIM Records.

Produced in the Bay Area by celebrated Jeff Saltzman (Blondie, The Killers), this record marks the Oakland-based band’s third full-length LP, but serves as a cohesive statement of who they are and the direction they’re headed.

While the group’s previous material, fueled by hazy chamber-folk melodies and spectral strings, reached inwards, Foxtails Brigade detonates their sound in all directions. The collective of Bay Area artists’  “fully realized” lineup employs a vast kaleidoscope of peculiar percussion and newfound synthesizers alongside Patzner’s cinematic arrangements and Weinbach’s distinct guitar figures. Working with producer Saltzman, Foxtails Brigade celebrates a newfound sense of directness and clarity without sacrificing an ounce of intricacy.  Like everything the band accomplishes on their self-titled record, it’s defiant yet wounded, sweet yet fierce; the sound of underdogs who won’t go away quietly. If we’re sinking, Foxtails Brigade tells us, then let’s explode into fireworks.

Foxtails Brigade is also out now in Japan on Rallye, and is currently streaming in full on Baeble.

Papa Bear is a California born artist, singer, songwriter, classically

trained guitarist and vibrant spirit who constantly tours and records

with his band The Easy Love, a rotating collective of musicians from

around the West Coast. Their musical roots originate in the Bay Area,

birthplace of the psychedelic movement. They are part of a thriving

West Coast scene of musicians, and have shared the stage and

collaborated with friends Whiskerman, Foxtails Brigade, Insects vs.

Robots, Radio Skies, Marty O’ Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra, Dustbowl Revival, Sorne, and

many others. The band has played large stages at Symbiosis, Lucidity,

Lighting in a Bottle, and Eclipse Festival, and is part of Reverbia, the

largest live music camp at Burning Man. In the summer of 2017 they

collaborated with Japanese band Dachambo at Eclipse Festival and Burning

Man, sparking a new cultural connection. In 2018 Papa Bear embarked on

a month long tour in Japan, playing at Harukaze Festival in Tokyo and

performing across the country. Papa Bear is committed to building

community worldwide, and connecting magic makers globally.

The Easy Love’s debut album “For the Wild”, released in 2013, is described

as a delicate balance of 1960’s Greenwich folk and West Coast

psychedelia, with a hint of pop sensibilities. Dennis Cook from Dirty

Impound wrote in his review…..

“A spirit flies from this music that curls around one, embracing and

uplifting, a positive shiver that reminds us we are made from love, and

thus, able to give love if we’ll only surrender to this notion. None of

this is easily accomplished with the tool of music but Papa Bear and the

Easy Love are so sincere, so utterly joyous in their pursuit of this

idea that one needs to be a serious grump to resist the warm, friendly

hand they extend.”

7 Minutes In Heaven: Papa Bear and the Easy Love

In 2016 the band released the EP “Reunion”, featuring a more complex

sound, embracing many layers and textures in contrast to the folk roots

of earlier material. This EP marked a shift from folk roots into

rock’n’roll, featuring fuzzed out guitars, modular synthesizers, and big

vocal harmonies.

The band’s current music is an exploration of sound, space, and

improvisation, while using electronic and global instruments to achieve a

wider palette. Combining these elements with folk Americana, Papa Bear

and the Easy Love is entering a new era. They are currently working on

their next album to be released in 2019.


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