The Starline Social Club and Ballroom was conceived in response to Oakland’s narrative. Built in 1893 as an Oddfellow’s Hall, the structure’s original purpose was to support and enhance social gatherings that functioned as unincorporated guilds, providing skilled workers with a forum for assembly and self-organization. It was re-purposed as a Union Hall for the Deaf in 1964.

We, as curators, builders, chefs, teachers, musicians, dancers, photographers, and visual artists, recognize the need to facilitate collaboration between otherwise diverse and obverse media and communities, within and beyond Oakland, with hope to advance her goals as a municipality and develop her artistic economy. Recreating a concept that articulates Oakland’s significance as a nexus of cultural import, the Starline sets trends of current collaboration and future innovation while building on a rich tradition of cultural dialogue and cross-pollination. As enthusiastic members of this city, and the Uptown neighborhood specifically, we are determined to agglomerate the area’s long-gathering creative momentum in a space whose historic significance and anticipatory vision sets a new standard, a unique synthesis of our community’s exhilarating diversity and potential.

We will retain significant owner-director involvement, include outside communities that inform Oakland’s culture, and provide support to our dynamic community by furnishing something novel—a site for real conversation between lately disparate artistic spheres. The Starline’s correspondence with diverse projects, ideas and relationships, art, food and night-life markets that hold positive social, artistic and economic impact for Oakland is paramount. This is a place where this correspondence occurs in union and in response to trends and movements, and by social media that suits modern business, our friends, friends-of-friends, friends to be, and guests. They come for an inspired sense of creative community and aesthetic possibility, of place and party, and to witness Oakland’s excellence, all ways.

Located at the corner of Martin Luther King and West Grand Avenue

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