Ghost Ship Benefit: 

Rituals of Mine
Wax Idols (DJ Set)
Hi Scores
Crashing Hotels

Just added Kool A.D. + Cult Days


Ghost Ship Dance Homage by Earth Dance Mafia
Nail Station by Pizza Perfect Nails
Live Painting by Maria Paz Gajardo + Lena Gustafson

100% of proceeds go to Oakland Fire Relief Fund

Yes, I know, this lineup is ƒƒƒƒƒucking St∆∆CKED
That's because here in O∆kl∆nd, we care.
We care about you, your friends, your family
We care about the homeless and disenfranchised
We care about the marginalized and demeaned
We care about the animals, the water, and the earth
We care about art and politics and anarchy and oppression
We care about being heard and quietly listening. 

So to all my Mutants, Freaks & Artist Folk, 
Please...come take refuge from this too oft cruel world and be embraced by your fellow comrades for a night of community vibes. Let our friends spirits always be a reminder to hold close those dear to you and let your heart be open to new loves around every corner. ♥ 

P.S. There will be an alter at the show. Please feel free to bring something to leave if you would like (only flameless candles). After the event we'll move alter to the site.